Tímea Lánczos-Benkő Stylist

I am ready to fly now!


"We just started to paint, because it feels good…because it charges one’s soul with energy and takes you back to that sweet, careless childhood.

Yes, I did it finally. I can tell you, painting was so good, that I am looking forward to the next opportunity…so far in my life there were two things, when I have felt such a relaxation, one is the horseback riding, the other is sewing… (…)

(…) So it happened, I’ve painted a hummingbird …every time I take a glance at it now, I will remember … that I shouldn’t forget to fly.

I admit it, there’re still days when I forget that I’m capable of anything.

Now I’m learning to believe in me and to fly in my life (…)

Alina Krot Bank professional

I feel lucky!


At first I want to say sorry for my mistakes in English) I’m from Belarus, speak Russian, but I promise do my best)Well, I’d like to tell you about my first experience in painting therapy now. I was very lucky person to have a chance to know Katalin in a very interesting period of my life. The period when I’m trying to know myself, understand myself, help myself in my own life to feel good way) On my intuitive painting I’ve seen myself; I’ve seen my soul condition!

The result I’ve got was really amazing!) I put it on a wall in my room, and now I want to paint more) just to see myself) to understand) and I want to tell her thank you very much) I was really lucky person to know you ???