Let Your
Intuitive Self Guide you
to a Beautiful Life

If your intuition is always ON, you are creative. You create the life you want

Start with opening up your "Creativity Chakra" your Throat Chakra! I have painted this to heal myself and open up my creative energies connect with my intuitive Self! Now it is your turn! 

Katalin Bator-Hos

Hi! I am Katalin, wife, mom, artist, writer, helper. I’m a supporter of life explorers, Visionary Life Creator and Soul Treasure Hunter. I am a Creatively Fit Coach™, psychosomatic hypnotherapist, life coach, soul therapist and kinesiologist with a passion for intuitive painting as part of intuitive living through creative expression. As an avid learner, I’ve always wanted to discover more and make connections between different fields of knowledge I’ve gained in my path to see and show others the whole picture.!