If you love life, life will love you back.”

Arthur Rubinstein

By Katalin Bator-Hos | Creativity

Mar 07

​Symbols of love

There are billions of people living on this planet, surrounded by the infinite universe. Similarly, there are billions of ways to express love and gratitude. And there are an infinite number of symbols to express them. In other words, there are a lot of symbols of love.

What does symbols of love actually do?

Symbols of love deeply help us to describe the elusive emotions that often consumes us when we think of love.

Love is gigantic. When we think of love, we easily get submerged by its immense size.

What love symbols do, is that it opens up new heights of exploration, expression, and enlightenment in our lives. It helps us to capture a small portion of the meaning of love so that as we keep growing, our understanding of love also grows along.

The symbols of love take us on a voyage of expression. By focusing on a particular symbol, we gain a deeper knowledge of love and we start to express ourselves more clearly.

The Tulip Heart

You probably wondered, what the logo on my page represents. The logo you see on every single post as a brand image, and on my website. Well, it’s time to explain what the logo truly symbolize.

It is my symbol of love. It’s not actually something you see every day. It is a traditional Hungarian folk art that symbolizes both men and women.

The tulip is an ancient Hungarian folk symbol that links back to our Scythian origin.

It is one of the oldest decorative floral motifs and has many different varieties and belief, but they are all in harmony with one another.

Of course, I won’t be covering all of them. Let’s just stick with the “Love” symbol for now.

Symbols of love

So, the Petals you see, resembles the shape of the female body, which also symbolizes the fertility/femininity.

The inverse heart represents a man.

The combination of the heart and the tulips represent Love and Unity. They refer to the sacred wholeness of life. Same as the yin-yang symbol; Day cannot exist without night. And men cannot exist without women. They are together as a whole being.

The tulips represent age and different stages of womanhood. The shape of the tulip differs according to the age of the woman and their state. For example:

Different stages of womanhood; Tulip heart

​The image shows different stages of womanhood.

The first line shows a teenage girl between 13-18 years of age. Second line shows woman with child.. and so on..

The Color Portion
Yellow Blue Pink Green Flowers

Colors play a symbolic role in all cultures across the world. Since I am a multicultural soul, I studied in many parts of the world, and became influenced by the different symbols of love.

Red is the color of the first chakra, defining creative energy and strength, which is more man-like.

Blue is the color of water, harmonious and calm, but sometimes very harsh. Much like the characteristics of a woman.

The Tulip symbol alone is a very complicated subject. It has many different and much deeper meanings. You have to know the history of Hungarian cultures to better understand it. I was a folk dancer for almost 9 years. Maybe that’s why I am so much attached to it.

How to use Love Symbols?

If you desire more love in your life or wish to see more love in the lives of those around you - all you need do is concentrate upon the energy of love. The symbols of love assist us to focus on this energy. Here are a few tips to help you along the way:

  •  Choose a love symbol that resonates with you.
  • Put the symbol in a place where you will often see it.
  • Focus all your energy on the symbol while you are meditating.
  • Recall this symbol just before sleeping, and again upon waking.
  • Make a love journal and write off all the feelings. Invoke your love symbol in your mind and heart.
  • Always keep your symbol inside your thoughts. Always remain positively focused on your highest idea of love.

Do all these activities on a daily basis and eventually, you will begin to see amazing changes in your life.

Happy life

Of all the different attributes felt by the heart, love is without any doubt, the noblest. I mean it's everywhere! When we adjust ourselves with love energy, love responds back, by showing itself in our lives.


About the Author

My name is Katalin Bátor-Hős. I’m a supporter of life explorers, Visionary Life Creator and Soul Treasure Hunter. I am a Creatively Fit Coach™, psychosomatic hypnotherapist, life coach, soul therapist and kinesiologist with a passion for intuitive painting as part of intuitive living through creative expression. As an avid learner, I’ve always wanted to discover more and make connections between different fields of knowledge I’ve gained in my path to see and show others the whole picture.