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The Ancient One

By Katalin Bator-Hos | Uncategorized

Mar 18
Dear individual-who’s-about-to-give-up

It was around the end of 2016 when I got the idea of opening up a blog in English, so I could connect with more people in this beautiful Earth we live on. I previously used to write in Hungarian in another domain. There was this girl who helped me with marketing and other stuff. In December, we discussed and decided to open up a site in English, as it would help people all across the world. We talked, planned, made schedules for weeks. I bought the domain on Jan 15, to step on a new journey.

But unfortunately, things didn’t work out as planned. She changed her mind immediately after buying the domain. Well, I am not putting her in a negative way… She obviously had her own personal reasons. She was a student, so pretty clear that education gets a higher priority.

So... I was left all alone. You know that feeling, right? It was like I was dropped in the middle of a desert. I had no sense of direction. I was drowning. Now, it would’ve been a completely different picture if I didn’t have kids.

But I do have 4 kids! And a handsome husband!

Taking care of kids and household, as well as having an entire website to manage, dealing with social media, and finishing my newest book, things could become pretty messed up.

I was afraid to start this journey. I was upset, confused, and wondered hopelessly. But then, I took a deep breath and started to google. I learned how to set-up WordPress sites and at times, hired freelancers to optimize it. Soon my book was published. Later on, I made lots of creative designs in Zazzle. (Check them out!)

Note: You must be wondering why a life-coach is selling items in Zazzle. But think. What does a life coach do? They teach people to be a free spirit. I also used to be a student of another life-coach. So, yeah. I am a free- spirit as well. So, I can do whatever my heart tells me to do!

Moving on… So you see? I was pretty much screwed since the beginning. But I never gave up. The first step is always the hardest. An advice for you girls and women out there:

Never give up on what you really want to do.
Never give up on your dreams.

Life will always find shitty ways to mess with you. At times, you will feel that life is being REALLY unfair. Your urge to quit during these times is the highest. But never give up!

Whatever dream you have, as long as it’s important to you, fight for it!

Always remember that there is more than one way to fulfill your dreams. Just keep changing your strategy until they work out.

Yes, of course, you will fail many times. Have you watched Doctor Strange? I was really inspired by this movie. Stephen, a.k.a Doctor Strange becomes obsessed with repairing his broken hands after his car wreck. He searches for every possible cure, going through multiple surgeries, losing almost all his money. But then he finds the solution to all his problems. Where? Within himself. So the moral is that he never gave up. Watch the movie! It’s really amazing.

Remember, never giving up doesn’t mean you keep doing the wrong things over and over again. It means to be smart and figuring out the correct actions to take and then taking them until you achieve your dreams.

Best wishes.

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My name is Katalin Bátor-Hős. I’m a supporter of life explorers, Visionary Life Creator and Soul Treasure Hunter. I am a Creatively Fit Coach™, psychosomatic hypnotherapist, life coach, soul therapist and kinesiologist with a passion for intuitive painting as part of intuitive living through creative expression. As an avid learner, I’ve always wanted to discover more and make connections between different fields of knowledge I’ve gained in my path to see and show others the whole picture.