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The Greatest Benefit of Creativity in Life​

Ever thought of getting yourself rid of the latched cage you are living in? A cage that limits all your creativity and aptitude?

Worrying and filling you with full of doubts about yourself all the time. Well, what if I tell you that you can obtain a key to that cage!

I wasn’t always as confident and joyful as I am now. I used to be a very creative and cheerful child. But at the same time I loved to be alone with my thoughts, too. I was also a fast learner, and when during lessons I did my exercises faster than others. I was just bored and wanted to help my classmates. A joyful, active child in a classroom can be kind of noisy.

That labelled me as a troublemaker!

I started to feel like there was something wrong with me. I didn’t fit in because I simply was a very open child.

I just assumed that getting in line with others was very important and if I wanted to be “one of them”, I had to act differently. So, I closed myself from other people and lost my natural connection with my intuition. It led to fewer friends, less talks, and less courage until the point where, in 7th grade. I was in tears when I had to go in front of my class to talk about something.

So I found a way to get rid of my cage through self-exploration and creativity. And that led to my success!

The Greatest Benefit of Creativity is the ultimate key to success!

Benefit of creativity

Creativity will increase your overall performance in life. It will make you more energetic. Provide you with great problem solving skills and hence lead you to a successful life!

Whether you are playing the piano or the violin, creating embroidery or doodling, making calligraphy or painting. All of these are considered to enhance your creativity as long as you are putting your imagination on it!

Of course there are many other ways of heightening your creativity but I favor painting as I have experienced the benefits of it myself.

I have healed my hypothyroidism with painting last year.

Painting releases your creativity and balances your throat chakra. The Throat Chakra is the fifth chakra on the chakra ladder. It is located between the neck and the shoulders.

Throat Chakra

The gift of this chakra is accepting your originality, expressing your authentic voice and speaking the truth. The main challenge for the throat chakra is doubt and negative thinking.

Trust me! By releasing creativity you can wash away all the negative aspects of your life.

I have been helping people to connect with their self and find the real purpose of life for almost 9 years. I have discovered wonderful ways of curing the human soul but only up to a certain extent.

Vision Quest- The creatively fit program

Last February I had the chance to meet with Whitney Freya, a Chief Muse and Creatively Fit Life Coach in the arena of spiritual teachers. This led me to become a creatively fit coach myself and opened up my creativity to a larger extent.

What Whitney does is that she devotes people to make art as a spiritual practice and expressive living. She uses art as an energy work medium and as a portal to connect to the subconscious allowing for new healing insights.

As the pressures of life can become very tiring (especially for moms), painting and drawing can be very helpful to relax yourself from the demanding requirements of life.

Benefits​ of Painting


Painting and drawing are one of the healthiest ways of enhancing and stimulating the creative skills that you already manifest. In addition, painting can widen your perspectives on various situations. You would be able to address various tasks in a creative and very effective way.

Many people have a misconception. They think that they have to born with talent to create paintings. Whereas many are afraid that since they aren’t very good at it there is no benefit.

But you don’t have to be good at it! All you have to do is use your creativity to paint whatever comes in your imaginative mind.

So hurry up and sign up for the Vision Quest, where Whitney and the Creatively Fit Coaches (yes, I will be there too)
will guide you to create as never before and make all your dreams come true in 2017!

About the Author

My name is Katalin Bátor-Hős. I’m a supporter of life explorers, Visionary Life Creator and Soul Treasure Hunter. I am a Creatively Fit Coach™, psychosomatic hypnotherapist, life coach, soul therapist and kinesiologist with a passion for intuitive painting as part of intuitive living through creative expression. As an avid learner, I’ve always wanted to discover more and make connections between different fields of knowledge I’ve gained in my path to see and show others the whole picture.

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