A Complete Guide To Fasting

By Katalin Bator-Hos | Health body and mind

Mar 25
A complete guide to Fasting

As the Fasting season is here, I thought I would write a series of posts on Fasting.

Now, you have obviously heard of Fasting, right? It has become increasingly popular over the years, especially among the health community. Still, just to be clear if we are on the same page, I will give a short description about it.

What is Fasting? 

Primarily derived from religious terms, Fasting means to have no food or drink, or both in some cases, for a certain period of time. There are varieties of Fasting depending on health reasons. I will be covering them in a while.

Benefits of Fasting

Trust me! There are hundreds of benefits of Fasting. Whether you are doing a water fast, or a juice fast, Fasting will always affect your body, mind and soul in a positive way.

Will I lose weight by Fasting?
lose your weight by fasting

Well, yes and no. The main point of fasting is NOT to lose weight but firstly, to heal the body and mind. But yes, losing weight is one of the great side effects of fasting.

Since I have stepped on the path of conscious living (at the age of 29) I have been using fasting off and on through the years. After completing two 16 day water fast and implementing the 16/8 Intermittent fasting in my daily life, I lost 25 kg in 9 months. And nope, I didn’t do any intense exercises. Just went to walks with my dog and some basic exercise. So, yes. You actually can lose weight through fasting.

Fasting is a life changing health booster (both for the body, mind and Soul) and it is also a great way to lose weight, from my experience. You loose weight naturally, because your whole system gets back to harmony, so why shouldn’t your weight do the same?!

Facts- fasting allows the body to burn through fat cells more effectively than regular dieting. 

How does it affect my life?
girl doing yoga

Fasting boosts the production of protein in the brain and triggers numerous chemicals that promote your mental health. You will be able to feel more connected to life, especially when you are meditating, reading, or doing yoga. It will help you to feel much better, consciously and physically.

Won’t I get hungry?

Of course, you will. For a couple of days. But there are two types of hunger- true hunger and the mind’ hunger. Fasting will definitely make you ‘truly’ hungry but only until ketosis kicks in. When ketosis is ON, hunger disappears. Hunger is just a small inconvenience next to one of the greatest benefits, that your hormones will be regulated correctly and it can release itself much better. And your entire system will get used to it. You won’t feel hungry very often.

Facts- fasting improves the immune system by reducing free radical damage, regulates inflammatory conditions and starves off cancer cell formation.

Types of Fast

juice fasting
Juice Fast

You will be consuming only liquids from fruits/vegetables for a certain period; could be days or weeks. They should be consumed 3-6 times a day.

Water Fast

You will be drinking around 2 qt. of pure water every day for a specified period of time. Water fast is very beneficial, but please consult your doctor first before doing it, as it is really difficult, and it might affect your body negatively.

Partial Fast

You will be restricting certain types of food, i.e. - rice/meat etc. during the fast.

Cleansing Fast

You will drinking lemon juice, with some sugar, and some spice, 6-12 times daily. Some use laxative tea, twice a day for more intense cleaning. The liquid will clean toxins from your body.

Religious Fasts

They are done for spiritual/ritual purposes. It varies from religion to religion. In the Islamic tradition, people fast for one month from sunrise to sunset, without eating anything. Whereas for example in the Christianity, people can choose their method of fasting, either intermittent/long fast.

What Happens To my Body When I Fast?

When you fast, the body focuses on the removal of toxins and the regeneration of damaged tissue. Fasting is truly amazing, not only for health benefits but also for spiritual needs.

Let me break the science behind it into simple steps

The liver stores lots of sugar, which is used as a backup energy source. This sugar is used when the body stops taking any food. When you fast, this energy source depletes within 24hrs.


Unable to find any energy source, your body uses the fatty acids as fuel, in replacement of the depleted glucose levels. So, the fat converts into energy


But still, it isn’t enough to function your body. The body gets the rest of its energy from breaking down amino acids in muscle tissue. The liver then converts these into glucose which in turn gives energy.


After this process, your body gets sufficient energy to function properly.


If you are fasting for more than a week, the body starts to use degenerative tissues, bacteria, or viruses, as a means of fuel.


Please be advised that many of us can’t fast, due to their health issues, or it could be, that your metabolism type is not suitable for fasting. If you have any pre-existing health conditions, fasting may not be right for you. Please consult your doctor or Naturopathic Doctor first, before you try any intense level of fast.


Make sure to check my next blog on this series. It explains more on water fast and intermittent fast.

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