Hey there, my name is Katalin Bator-Hos, you can call me Kati.

I’m a supporter of life explorers, Visionary Life Creator and Soul Treasure Hunter.

I am a Creatively Fit Coach™, psychosomatic hypnotherapist, life coach, soul therapist and kinesiologist with a passion for intuitive painting as part of intuitive living through creative expression. As an avid learner, I’ve always wanted to discover more and make connections between different fields of knowledge I’ve gained in my path to see and show others the whole picture.

I am creating my own genuine life as well as helping everyone else on their way to personal freedom with intuitive guidance.And, of course, I am running after my kids and yelling at my dog, Neo (well, almost from The Matrix) with the ukulele on my side, laughing and making people smile!

Some facts about me that might surprise you:

This little girl is not me... but COULD Be 🙂

  • My last name is hyphenated because (according to Hungarian customs) I kept my own last name and took my husband's as well. I was born Katalin Hős. My own last name means "hero" and my husband is "Bátor" which means "brave." So my name, when translated, means Katalin Brave-Hero. What a name to live up to...!
  • My favorite movies are Matrix and Dirty Dancing—quite a combination, don't you think?
  • I love to be on my own. I get up very early (around 4 am), before my children do, so I can do some work or just prepare myself for the day.
  • I am able to serve a delicious meal for my family even if there are only two or three ingredients in the fridge.
  • Between the ages of 6 and 14, I spent my summers on a farm with a riding school, and took care of the horses there. In return, I was allowed to ride them a couple of times a week. Those were the best times of my childhood!

If you asked Katalin who she was, she would tell you something like “I’m a passionate and sometimes crazy, multicultural mom of two beautiful kids, and a lover of nature and music. If you find a woman with a ukulele on her side, running around with kids and yelling at the dog, you have found the real me!”

A bit more formal 'About me', well...'About She'

If you meet her, she will speak to you without mentioning her education and impressive list of diplomas. She will tell you about her experiences: when she felt lost and stuck or when she discovered something new “out of the blue.” She will share jokes and laugh while emphasizing the whole time that experiences mean a lot more than education, certificates, or degrees. She will insist that the essence of life is humor and not academic knowledge because if a person can laugh it means that the Soul within them is alive – and that’s what truly matters.Katalin is a practicing healer who has studied traditional psychology as well as alternative or so-called experimental psychology. She is bringing together different schools of psychology in her practice to help people connect with their inner Selves through therapy and Intuitive Soul Painting Sessions. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and Tourism Management. She is a Creatively Fit Coach, has a degree in Kinesiology, a certification of Hypnotherapy from the American International Association and a Psychosomatic Hypnotherapist Diploma of Hypnotherapy from the American School of Hypnosis. She completed the Brain Science and Wellness Education program of The Neuroscience Academy (New Zealand), a Life Coaching course of the School of Natural Health Sciences of London (UK), studied different Soul Therapies and is a certified Spiritual Response Therapist and Soul Sound Therapist. Inspired by Eckhart Tolle, Carl Gustav Jung, János Jankai, Rüdiger Dahlke, Thorwald Dethlefsen, James Redfield, Péter Popper, Mária Szepes, Elisabeth Haich and Neal Donald Walsch amongst others, she keeps studying and researching different quantum healing approaches, like zero-point healing and quantum entertainment by Frank Kinslow. She is a vivid, playful and humorous woman on a mission – to learn, and to teach others in an intelligent and easy-to-follow style using her uniqe, personal voice.